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Welcome to my lifes work, I hope you can enjoy what I have recorded, including videos kept out of the publics eyes for over forty years. Between 1983 - 1986 I owned an underground punk club in downtown Los Angeles 12- 6 am Friday and Saturdays after hours where I video taped every evening. It was called the CoCo Club 3rd & Spring st. L.A. It was a 5000 sq ft building that included an art gallery, club performance & lounge, bar, 4 live-in tenents including Scratch & L A Rocks  magazines founder  legendary hollywood Ruben Blue. We started with the Scratch Mag parties and the rest is history. Here for release after 40 years are the very first recordings of many people current today,such as Dave Navarro, Perry Farrell of Janes Addiction, Fishbone and many more. I was the premier Video Director for the Los Angeles theatre and recorded for the first time many known names such as Bill Pullman, Robert Patrick, etc. Here is where you can view the rare recordings. Along the journey includes docu. about the first Cirque Du Soleil American tour which includes A  music video I did for their premier artists Eric Varelas and Amelie Denay. Performance art recordings include Roger G. Smith of Spike Lee fame and Joanna Went, early LA visual artist to name a few. The hip hop mp3s available are recordings with music written by myself and featuring various artists in Cleveland 1996-2000, & S.Florida 2000- present. I do apoligize not releasing sooner but I been kinda busy. enjoy. John Cannaday

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